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The market

A warm welcome to the Christmas market at St Petri's Church. Hamburg - the gate to
a magical Christmas world and amongst it the oldest still existing Churches of the city,
St Petri's Church.
This popular market in the heart of the city will be open from the 25th of November
from 5.15pm until the 30th of December 2013 and welcomes all visitors.

This year we have thought of very special surprise! In a forest, far far away,
you and your children will be entised by various animated fairy tales in fairy tale boxes.

We have worked all year to invite you again with brand new huts and a variety of arts
and crafts and a colorful productdisplay.

Christmas scents will invite you to enjoy delicious Christmas treats and hot drinks.

Right in the centre of the market and beautifully lit up, you will find the nativity set,
the Christmas tree and a children’s carousel.

In any case, we are already looking forward immensely to what will be the most exciting weeks in the year, to sparkling children’s eyes and their happy faces, to families spending peaceful time together - all during a visit to our family friendly Christmas market.

See you there!