Weihnachtsmarkt St. Petri Hamburg deutsch       english

Map of stalls


Stand-Nr. Name Angebot
1 Sascha Kirchhecker
21037 Hamburg
sweets and treats weg, freshly roasted almonds, chocolate glazed fruits, various nuts and gingerbread
2 Jessica Lorenz
24640 Schmalfeld
crepes and poffertjes in all variations
3 Gitta Grönig
29646 Bispingen
Handcrafted products made from skins, leather & natural materials
4 Birgit Moritz
23881 Breitenfelde
delicious seafood - e.g. 15 different types of fishy bread rolls a variety of 10 different baked fish and sea foods freshly made bread rolls every hour
5 Rudi Schwerin
24536 Neumünster
culinary magic offering mulled wine, hot Caipirinha, Pharisee, Irish Coffee & homemade Eggnog and Draught Beer
6 Johanna Gabriel
23570 Travemünde
jewellery made from flint stone "cult" bag made from high quality felt shawls made from eco cotton
7 Wagner Lichtprojekte
Volker Wagner
22765 Hamburg
candle and light holders made from natural materials, e.g. salt lamps  beeswax candles, natural crystals with LED lights, stainless steel wind chimes
8 Jens Wullf
21039 Hamburg
Fruit & Veg, e.g. exquisite varieties of clementines, oranges (up to 1kg per pc) fresh californian walnuts, roasted jumbo peanuts, affordable coconuts and much more!
9 Pommeshaus
Detlef Hildebrandt
22113 Hamburg
chips with various sauces & a wide variety of garlic breads
10 Michael Weinreich
21109 Hamburg
crepes with various fillings
11 Grego,
Marion Groß
29640 Schneverdingen
hot water bottle sheep - cosy & soft, woolen scarves and woolen shoes
12 Perlkönig
Schmuckmanufaktur GmbH
fashionable jewellery silver coated in exclusive, extraordinary designs, nickel free and great for allergic people
13 Shiv Kumar
22045 Hamburg
gloves & slippers, knits and lambskin products
14 Kitaanami
Rainer Schickedanz
Christmas decorations, accessories, scent oils, jewels, natural & silver jewellery.
15 Jörn Holzheimer
22453 Hamburg
handcrafted glass products,angels, mouth-blown and hand painted baubles
16 Andre Monje
28719 Bremen
originally made Italian pastry from Toscana, homemade
17 Nico Lühmann
29646 Bispingen
treats and sweet, e.g. freshly roasted almonds & chocolate glazed fruits
18 Günther Nienke
22962Siek/OT Meildor
crepes, savoury & sweet, new: childrens crepes
19 Manfred Kube
20255 Hamburg
Silver and crystals from Sarowski, delicate scarves in many different colours and designs, perfumes
20 Willfried Kastull
20259 Hamburg
ladies hats, ladies and gents knitted hats, glove
21 Axel Lücking
21029 Hamburg
herbs & spices, all sorts and excotic kinds, special offer "Christmas magic" a homemade liqueur
22 Wilfried Denk
21259 Otter
wood, carvings & inscriptions
23 Andreas Grimmer
20539 Hamburg
a variety of 10 soups and stews including vegetarian and exotic daily alternating menu
24 Rico Bluhm
20539 Hamburg
ham & meat loaf with freshly baked bread rolls and various homemade trimming
25 Gaby Vespermann
25474 Hasloh
brandy punch, hot chocolate with a twist, eggnog, hot and cold caipirinha
26 Arno Teggen
24635 Rücking
mulled wine specialties, e.g. blueberry-elder-ginger, baked apple nog, mulled beer and Flöff
27 St. Petri Grill
Holger Sodemann
22844 Norderstedt
sausages, steak, burgers with bread rolls grilled on charcoal and "curry" sausages
28 Zerbe Alfons HWB
24598 Boostedt
"Zur Sternschnuppe" delicious mulled wine and other hot drinks in a cosy and snug setting
29 Mick Vorlop Tarte flambée
30 Hairtel hats and wristlets from wool, fleece, panne velvet, now new with real Sarowksi gems
31 Zalewski jewellery & minerals, stars, cashmere and silk scarves
32 Robert Rasch
25693 St. Michaelisdonn
bakery offering fresh doughnuts, apple turnovers, cullers
33 WASI Produktion Blank Zettner
91475 Lonnerstadt
handmade puppets, all borders and seams are sewn, no glue
34 Christian Seid
55571 Odernheim
wooden scents from cedar, for the car, house or wardrobe, lasting up to 1 year
35 Akbary Zafar
22149 Hamburg
indian accessories, e.g. handmade jewellery boxes, animals made from soapstone, candle holders, hand embroidered wall decorations, lamps, stars, silk scarves
36 Jens Wullf
21039 Hamburg
All kinds of sausages for every ones taste and delicious shashlik
37 Jens Wullf
21039 Hamburg
Wide variety of mulled wine and hot drinks, e.g. the “snow white drink” or “the frog king like in fairy land” and other winter flavours. 2 new types of Christmas beer, children’s hot chocolate with marshmallows, special children’s punch with local ingredients.
38 Estha Belli
22359 Hamburg
Hhot dog, sweetcorn & mushrooms with delicious homemade sauce
39   nativity scene
40   advent calendar
41   Christmas pyramid
42   childrens carousel